Chipping Tips:

  1. There are two different kinds of chip shots that are used around the green. You have a regular chip and a putt chip. A chip shot is described as a shot that spends more time on the ground than it does in the air. This makes a chip shot a very low risk shot.  
  2. The Key Fundamentals of a chip shot are (Grip, Posture, Ball Position, and Alignment.)  
  3. Your weight should be forward pressed on your lead foot. Around 70% lead leg and 30 % back leg. Bring your back leg forward closer to your lead leg. Your stance needs to be narrow. 
  4. Grip the shaft lower down the grip (Choke up). Hands slightly forward pressed in front of your belt buckle 
  5. Take a short backswing and finish low on the follow through. This will help create a low and flush ball flight coming off the clubface. 
  6. Your left hand after contact should be flat facing the target.
  7. Create the 3 Triangles with your body and club.