Tournament Information

With over Twenty-Five years of combined tournament planning experience, Edgewater Golf Club professional staff will guide you through your first or hundred and first event.  Whether your event is for charity or a corporate outing we are committed to providing unparalleled service and products to make your tournament a complete success.  How do we help guide you through the process?

Consultation: We begin the process with a simple discussion. Applicable questions and expectations are defined

What will be discussed?



Facility Walk Through: After determining expectations and tournament criteria, a tour is provided of the facility and the applicable areas that would be designed for your particular event.

What will be shown?

  • Cart staging area and traffic flow.
  • Golf Shop and Snack location.
  • Ceremony location
  • catering/dinning location
  • 19th hole
  • screened porch area
  • practice area
  • Course

Reviewing/defining options:

Turning expectations and tournament criteria into a defined schedule of service that will fit your applicable budget and provide the quality experience that the participants expect.

What would be defined?



Continued Support:

Communication is the key to a successful event, from the initial consultation to the day prior to the event we will be here to help.

Leading up to the event

  • Marketing
  • Participant enrollment
  • Sponsors needs
  • Volunteer updates
  • Contest/Insurance
  • Event supplies
  • Day prior to the event

Tournament/Event Day:

Banners, signs, tables and staff are awaiting your volunteers, sponsors and participants.

What to expect

tournament stage


Follow up:

Equally important to the desire of a great event, is the evaluation of your last event.  How can we raise the level of participation, sponsorship, and value?

Making an event a bigger success