Hole 1

Hole #1 Tempting… isn’t it…to rare back and unleash one to a green that lures the big hitter. But the smart player will stay between the majestic pines and leave a short iron or wedge in hand. Be wary of being too aggressive as a steep drop towards Bear Creek lies just over the green. (This is an old Flyover.  New one is coming soon.) 

Hole 2

Hole #2 Inviting…The path is clear and the Hole inviting. A stimulating Par 5 that awaits all players. Decisions start here as the greenside bunker is the first negotiation you will have with Edgewater. Try to drive to hard a bargain and you may pay the price in a bunker shot knee buckling for the pros. If a birdie putt awaits you, be careful not to lose focus as you take a moment to gaze back at the view of your accomplishment. (This is an old Flyover.  New one is coming soon.) 

Hole 3

Hole #3 Luring…Do I play it like the Pro’s and send a soft fade spinning through the trees? If you pull it off, your next shot may wake up the butterflies within, as you try not to let your mind drift towards Red Rose Lake, which awaits any miss short left or long of the green. (This is an old Flyover.  New one is coming soon.) 

Hole 4

Hole #4 Fishing…You may ask yourself, “Do I step across the walk bridge onto the Island tee? Do I have the game to conquer the forced carry? Or do I grab my fishing pole and untie the row boat that’s anchored along the shore? Whether I take the boat or grab my iron and walk proudly to the tee, either way, I may be fishing!”(This is an old Flyover.  New one is coming soon.)  

Hole 5

Hole #5 Relieving…Take a breath, you deserve it, and enjoy the expansive fairway that moves through the Carolina Pines. Got your breath? Good, now be ready because the mammoth two-tier green that waits has even the Pro’s thinking they should have spent just a little more time on the practice green! (This is an old Flyover.  New one is coming soon.)  

Hole 6

Hole #6 Serenity…You’ll need some, as a little serenity will help you navigate through the double dogleg par 5. A couple solid shots will leave most players with a short iron into the green while some more aggressive players will either be salivating over the short wedge remaining or wondering if it’s the pack of wild turkeys scampering behind the green or their playing partners laughing as they punch out from behind the trees. (This is an old Flyover.  New one is coming soon.) 

Hole 7

Hole #7 Astounding…Another awesome view and thrilling golf shot await. Are you ready? Do you want to turn the corner of the pond or set up your approach shot? The savvy player will let their second shot determine their fate. As you admire your decision while standing in the fairway, be wary of letting your mind drift to your afternoon boat ride as you see a glimpse of Fishing Creek Lake amidst the pines. (This is an old Flyover.  New one is coming soon.) 

Hole 8

Hole #8 Deceptive…Did you think you already played Edgewater’s signature hole? Which one? We thought it too! And here is another signature challenge. After you’ve knocked it on, you may be thinking we borrowed the mind of one of the great architects, Mr. Donald Ross. As #8 green surely turn your thoughts to the legendary architect and his signature turtle back greens, you wonder if it was planned. (This is an old Flyover.  New one is coming soon.) 

Hole 9

Hole #9 Understated…Short, but packing plenty of punch as you prepare your climb on the remaining pleasure on the front side. Are you protecting a great start or needing to make birdie? As you make your club selection, be steadfast, it’s no time to waver. The fairway bunkers loom for the non decisive and the two-tier green does not favor the uncommitted. (This is an old Flyover.  New one is coming soon.)  

Hole 10

Hole #10 Carry on…that’s what you must do. And for those wanting the challenge, #10 provides it. A healthy carry off the tee will pass the wetlands and leave you with an uphill iron shot to a green surrounded in an amphitheatre type setting. You can picture the gallery surrounding the green and as you prepare for your next shot, you remember, maybe a little more club as you do not want to disappoint that fictitious gallery by coming up short of the green. (This is an old Flyover.  New one is coming soon.) 

Hole 11

Hole #11 Show off…The lone hole with a view from the road sits their boasting its beauty. With the downhill tee shot, it appears a simple toss onto the green will allow you to walk away with par. Do not let Edgewater distract you as the expansive bunker in front will make you pay.  (This is an old Flyover.  New one is coming soon.) 

Hole 12

Hole #12 Breathe…Finally, you have a minute to catch your breath, or do you? A gentle bend to the left seems easy enough until you notice the contour of the ground shifting and sloping a little right. Subtle nuances all in the name of fun at Edgewater. (This is an old Flyover.  New one is coming soon.) 

Hole 13

Hole #13 Rewarding…If you’ve got the game. This par 5 begs you to go for it. And knowing what lies ahead this seems like a good time to go for birdie. Select a club you are comfortable with and make it happen. As you stand on the green admiring your accomplishment, let your eyes catch a glimpse of Fishing Creek Lake, but be quick to get back to your putt instead of thinking about the fish that await your hook. (This is an old Flyover.  New one is coming soon.) 

Hole 14

Hole #14 Redemption…Here’s your chance. This hole is here for the taking, but do not let the wide open area surrounding the green cause you to lose focus. Dial it in and knock it on, Edgewater gets a little more challenging from here on. (This is an old Flyover.  New one is coming soon.) 

Hole 15

Hole #15 Unforgettable…After standing on the tee, it crosses your mind that Edgewater may have four of the best par 3’s you will find anywhere. From this tee, you appear to be at eye level with the tops of the trees that surround the green. And once you have launched your golf ball, it will seem to be in flight all day, but when it lands, it better hit the green or miss a little right to get a favorable bounce. If your miss is left you will be standing amidst those trees, but now they will not be at eye level. (This is an old Flyover.  New one is coming soon.) 

Hole 16

Hole #16 Home stretch…By this time in your round you are pretty well strapped in and holding on. Now it is time you let loose and give Edgewater all you have got. A soft bend to the left, through the nature of Edgewater, provides a simple challenge. The spectator mounds left of the green and the trees to the right provide the necessity to focus on your approach. (This is an old Flyover.  New one is coming soon.) 

Hole 17

Hole #17 Shorty…but don’t big things come in small packages? And this short par 5 has some big challenges. After you navigate the pond off the tee, the uphill second shot creates another challenge. The clear blue sky is the backdrop to the green, which causes a little doubt to creep in your mind. Check your yardage and take aim. A solid shot will provide great reward. (This is an old Flyover.  New one is coming soon.) 

Hole 18

Hole #18 Grand Finale…Like the finale to a firework show you did not want to end, Edgewater will leave you fulfilled, but wishing there was more. Wait to reflect upon your round once sitting back in a rocking chair at the clubhouse. You still have work to be done! The triad of bunkers requires that last bit of focus. Tip your hat to the players on the veranda that watch your pro-like prowess and remember the experience of Edgewater. (This is an old Flyover.  New one is coming soon.)