About the Program

Ladies Edge Rewards Program is easy and straight forward.   Program Participants earn a dollar percentage for each dollar spent on Green Fees and Cart Fees at Edgewater Golf Club.  They are not accumulated points, they are award percentages (Called “Points”).   

Just provide your Name when you check-in and tell us you are a Ladies Edge Player.  It is that easy.  No membership cards, no numbers to remember and no initiation fee.  We believe loyalty deserves its perks!  

You can redeem Rewards for Green Fee, Cart Fee and Range utilization.  Redemption is available, Monday-Sunday anytime.  That’s all there is to it.

Example of reward use:

Spend $30 on Green Fees/Cart Fees and receive 10% worth of “Points” toward future Green/Cart Fees.  Currently that value is worth $3.00 towards your next purchase of Green/Cart Fees Monday – Thursday after 10am. 

Even though we believe that The Ladies Edge program is the easiest program out there, we still had to have terms and conditions.  Because that is the world we live in…

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