Lag Putting Tips

In golf a lag putt is defined as a long putt which because of the length, the golfer does not expect to make but hopes to get close to the cup.

There are 3 types of putting grips utilized while putting. A standard golf grip, low hand left, and reverse overlap.


Standard golf grip






Low hand left








Reverse Overlap






When putting it is important that your eyes are directly over the ball. For practice you can take a ball line it up with your eyes and drop it straight down. The ball should hit your club face.


  • When attempting a lag putt just like a regular putt it is important to have good grip, posture, ball position and alignment.


Make sure you have light grip pressure, your arms are relaxed and the weight is on the balls of your feet. Your eyes should sit directly over the ball.


  • Imagine a 3 foot circle around the hole or put a string around the cup making a 3 foot circle. Practice hitting long distance putts inside the 3 foot circle.

***Also do not get line locked when attempting a lag putt. Focus more on the speed of the putt. Focusing on the speed instead of the line will help your lag putt consistency***