Putting Tips:

Putting 1.2.3…
1 Grip:
  • The club is held primarily in the palms.
  • The wrists are firm yet hands relaxed.
  • Comfortable and allowing club face to return squarely to the ball.
2. Aim:
  • Putting is an arm and shoulder motion leaving the lower body stable during the swing; the most important alignment will be with the upper body.
  • Eyes should be parallel to the target and the ball should be positioned directly under the left eye.(For right handed putters).
  • Putter face always square to target line.
3. Set-up:
  • The foot position helps provide a solid base for the stroke; a little less than shoulder width.
  • Shoulders level and elbows are towards the pockets. The forearms and shaft create a “y”.
  • Weight directly over the heels of the feet, any variance will create leaning.