Why a Golf Tournament?

If you’re new to fundraising or new to the sport of golf, this may be the first time you’ve thought about planning your own golf tournament. The first question you might be asking yourself is the most simple and often overlooked: Why have a golf tournament in the first place?

There are many different reasons people throw golf events. Whether it is for a non-profit or corporate effort, most golf tournaments are fundraisers of some sort. Golf tournaments are a great way to raise money and bring people together, so raising money for an organization is probably the most common reason that people plan golf tournaments. Non-profits turn to golf tournaments because they are money-makers and can run on volunteers. They are a fun and relatively easy way to get people involved in a cause and out socializing, and they help the non-profit raise money and awareness for their cause. If you have a cause that you hold dear to your heart, you should definitely consider holding a golf tournament to fund raise and foster involvement in your organization. If you aren’t a member of a specific non-profit, you can also hold a golf tournament to solicit donations for a particular cause. This is very similar to raising money for a non-profit, but your tournament will have a specific cause in mind (example: raising money for a loved one’s surgery bills) and will not be going towards a non profit’s general funding. Using this relaxed and positive environment is a great way to attract new donors, volunteers and board members to an organization. When it comes to using Golf tournaments for non-profit efforts, you really can’t go wrong.

Tournaments are also used to bring people together, which is why tournaments are very commonly used for organizing a college or high school alumni event or even a family reunion. As mentioned, golf tournaments can run on volunteers and tend to pay for themselves, so they are a great option for an alumni group that wants to organize a fun event without breaking the bank (and hopefully make some money in the process!) Tournaments are, above all, a fun-filled day of bonding and camaraderie, so there is no better choice for a reunion or alumni event.

The fun and “team” minded setting of a golf tournament is also a great atmosphere for entertaining business clients. Golf events are a very common place to take potential clients or partners, because it gives you the time to discuss important matters while having a fun and lighthearted objective. Simply put, golfing is a great activity to do with people you would like to get to know better, and it is a relaxed and slow-paced environment to get to work on solidifying important business contacts.