Finding Sponsors and Players for Your Event

The success of you event hinges on the number of players you can find, and in turn, the number of sponsors you can register.

First, set your player and sponsor recruitment objectives.

Set a target for the number of players you want (the average event in the U.S. has 120 players). Most courses handle 144 golfers for an event easily.

Based on information discussed earlier, you should have your sponsorship packages developed.

Important note: 50% of your golf player spots should be included in the sponsor packages. For example, your title sponsor may get two foursomes (8 golfers). This means you only need to sell 50% of your player spots to individuals.

Finding Sponsors:

  1. Your committee members should be responsible for generating a list of possible sponsors. Ask each committee member to identify two potential sponsors and take responsibility for contacting them.
  2. Existing vendors are an excellent source for sponsors.
  3. As you add a sponsor, ask them for a referral to another sponsor.
  4. Hold a “Sponsor Lunch” 60-90 days before your event. Ask each committee member and secured sponsor to bring another potential sponsor. The “Sponsor Lunch” gives your organization the opportunity to tell its story. This interaction is designed to establish an emotional connection with potential sponsors.  Sponsors who are invested emotionally in your cause are much more likely to buy a sponsorship.

5.         Bundle sponsorships with other scheduled events during the year. For example, offer a golf hole sponsorship to everyone who buys a table at your annual dinner and increase the cost accordingly to meet fundraising goals. Business people like bundled sponsorships.
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