How Golf Tournament Volunteers Can Make or Break Your Event

In order to host a successful golf event, you need to have golf tournament volunteers you can count on to keep things organized and perform under pressure when you are not available.  As the tournament organizer, it will be your job to recruit volunteers.  There are potential volunteers everywhere, although your own organization is still the best place to start recruiting.  It seems the majority of volunteers recruited are directly linked to the volunteers already working within your organization: friends, neighbors, relatives, and colleagues.

Once volunteers are recruited, develop opportunities for them to get involved right away. They could brainstorm gift ideas, make follow up phone calls, or help prepare mailings. It will help both of you to have clear goals and expectations for each volunteer. Hold them accountable to meet all objectives, and make sure volunteers understand the importance of the job they are doing. It will motivate and inspire them to see how their success impacts the entire event.

Before the event, volunteers can help with event preparation. Setting name tags, assembling goodie bags for players, and placing signs on the course are just a few of the tasks that they will need to accomplish. As the tournament begins, volunteers can help create a first class atmosphere by working as greeters near parking lot entrances, organizing and executing the registration process, and directing players to areas designated for food, contests, or golf carts to begin the event. Give them a shirt and name tag for a professional look. During play, volunteers should be at every hole and station making sure everything is running smoothly.  Key volunteers need to be issued communication devices, such as radios, so they can contact individuals in charge when situations arise. During lunchtime volunteers should help manage the food distribution and address any problems. (But don’t forget: volunteers need time to eat, too!)  After the tournament is over, volunteers should help hand out the awards and gifts at the ceremony, and organize the golf bags to be given back to the players before leaving. However, don’t forget that the awards ceremony is also the perfect time for you to recognize all the volunteers for their hard work. If your budget allows, you could also give a gift to your volunteers. (If your budget does not allow for gifts, you can give each volunteer a personalized “Thank you.”)

Launching/ Marketing your Event

Golf tournament marketing is the best way to recruit players and sponsors. How you launch and market your event will determine its success. Here is the correct sequence for launching and marketing your event:

  1. Set up your committees
  2. Identify your financial goals
  3. Develop your sponsorship packages
  4. Determine the player costs
  5. Set up your event website
  6. GO!