From the Fairway:
When chipping from short grass one of the most important things is flush contact with the ball.
How do you create a flush contact?
IMG_23481. Weight balanced at 70% leading leg, 30% back leg.
2. lag: in order to create lag in your swing the hips must control the majority of the swing (depending on desired distance). From the back swing the big muscles of the hips and abs, pull the smaller muscles of the shoulders and arms down toward the ball.  Belt buckle should be facing the target before club head impact.  This is a leading factor in hitting the ball flush.
3. Fallow through: The most common mistake in a chip shot is decelerating.  A good follow through (making sure the club goes all the way around resembling a full swing) is a quick, easy way to eliminate deceleration.
Chipping from the Rough:
When your ball has settled down in the thick rough these are a few things you can do to help get you out. 
Tyler Chipping Pic1. Hold the club extremely upright at adress, so that the heel of the club is off the around.  This will reduce the amount of leading edge exposed to the grass. 
2. Lean the shaft of the club forward to help create a more crisp shot and help hit down on the ball to pop it up out of the grass.
3. Do Not Decelerate
Chipping over Obstacles: (High Chips)
When faced with an obstacle between you and the green forcing you to hit a higher shot a few things you can do are:
IMG_23501. Put the ball in the front of your stance a few inches behind your front foot.
2. Open the club face to where it is almost flat on the ground allowing the club to get under the ball in a slapping motion.
3. Follow through- A big follow through will ensure that a ball gets in the air and will also help stop deceleration.
Chipping Low:
When chipping low ball flight is desired here are a few tips to achieve this:
IMG_23491. Put the ball in the back of your stance a few inches in front of your back foot.
2. Close the club face or lean the shaft of the club forward to eliminate the loft. 
3. Depending on the distance a 1/4 swing or less will allow you to be more deliberate and have more control of the ball flight.